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  • **Solution: I created several templates so that you can mark Lojbanic words with <nowiki>{{jbo|SOME-LOJBANIC-WORD}} Using templates allows not to think on the design of the text you are entering. If you dont
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  • ...proclamation' was incorporated (suitably watered down) into [[The Book|The Book]], so it is not 'too late', it is a ''fait accompli''. I have no doubt most ...i.e. that at least one place will be redundant, and following the proposed templates helps you pick which one.) In any case, what seljvajvo are '''really''' abo
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  • ** gau, sim, etc. templates, place structures from NSN's rant original lujvo paper] contained more proposed templates on forming place structures than had made it into CLL. These can be exploit
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  • * What Is Lojban?, The Book *templates can be created easily with hardcoding them. Write templates as the content of the wiki!
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  • | So now I suggest using mediawiki templates for indices and similar things in ELG (as an alternative to CLL): ...his thread for discussing changes to L4B in order to make a version of the book that describes IRC Lojban as much as possible. I believe that a forum threa
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  • This category contains templates used by the [[{{BOOKNAME}}]] book.
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  • * Split all the content using pages prefixes: "proga", "jboske"/"BPFK". Add templates to the top of pages where needed. E.g. add <nowiki>{{jbocre/en}}</nowiki> t ...up a page for [[Crash Course]], [[L4B]], similar to [[What Is Lojban?, The Book]] or [[The Complete Lojban Language|The Complete Lojban Language]]
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