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2 June 2020

N    15:08  Abstraction Pattern Syntax‎‎ 5 changes history +6,012 [Tsani‎ (5×)]
15:08 (cur | prev) +537 Tsani talk contribs Showcase using a tanru with ka'oi
15:04 (cur | prev) +1 Tsani talk contribs Fix boldface for lojban text
15:02 (cur | prev) +5 Tsani talk contribs remove mention of "lambdas"
15:02 (cur | prev) -4 Tsani talk contribs mistype anonymous -> named
14:59 (cur | prev) +5,473 Tsani talk contribs Created page with "{{jbocre/en}} Expressing certain ideas such as "I like apples more than you like oranges" is tricky with '''zmadu'''. We can say '''lo ni mi nelci lo plise cu zmadu lo ni do n..."
N    10:15  Talk:pa lisri be lo se du'u pu zu ku lo lojbo cu canre kakpa diffhist +191 Iesk talk contribs Created page with "ni'o spaji facki fi lo sfaile be lo lisri tergerna ku ca'o lo nu lanli lo nalni'o skami sfaile fukpi .i na'e birti lo du'u ma kau finti ~~~~"
N    10:14  pa lisri be lo se du'u pu zu ku lo lojbo cu canre kakpa diffhist +3,060 Iesk talk contribs Created page with "ni'oni'o ba'e zo'o ka'u tu'e ni'o puzuku ro le lobypli cu [|kakpa le canre] ...."
     09:45  jimbob mythos diffhist -1 Iesk talk contribs
     09:34  sipna pemci diffhist -59 Iesk talk contribs
     09:31  (Upload log) [Iesk‎ (2×)]
09:31 Iesk talk contribs uploaded File:kiajbo.png
09:30 Iesk talk contribs uploaded File:jbijbu snusna.png

1 June 2020

     17:34  Leçons d'onde‎‎ 2 changes history +2 [Lomicmenes‎ (2×)]
17:34 (cur | prev) +1 Lomicmenes talk contribs →‎Consonnes
17:33 (cur | prev) +1 Lomicmenes talk contribs →‎Consonnes
     15:09  tsani's Interpretations of Controversial Lojban Grammar diffhist +86 Tsani talk contribs add link to abstraction pattern syntax page
N    11:27  dzejbofi'e diffhist +383 Iesk talk contribs Created page with "Image:dzejbofihe.png *lu do na'e gendra tavla sei cusku li'u .i lu ko cpacu lo jbofi'e sei cusku li'u .i lu jy. do ba sidju sei cusku li'u .a'enaisai *.i j..."
     11:21  (Upload log) [Iesk‎ (2×)]
11:21 Iesk talk contribs uploaded File:dzejbofihe.png
11:04 Iesk talk contribs uploaded File:CKAFI 3 cm.png
N    11:11  pa ckafybarja lisri be lo sonci‎‎ 2 changes history +4,369 [Iesk‎ (2×)]
11:11 (cur | prev) +148 Iesk talk contribs
11:03 (cur | prev) +4,221 Iesk talk contribs Created page with "ni'o ko'a milxe mutce lo ka jinvi lo du'u ko'a lisri certu .i se mu'i bo cafne fa lo nu ko'e joi mi fi ko'a cu ve lisri .i fatci fa lo du'u ko'a ta'e lisri lo pluja dukse milx..."
     10:51  ckafyzda Mythos diffhist +116 Iesk talk contribs

29 May 2020