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The Lojban Creation Poem, though perilously obscure, is thought to embody some crucial aspects of lobykai reality...

There is some carry-over from Loglan Mythology in Lojbanic Mythology, though it is not as widely known as it should be, and tends to be mentioned only by those old enough in the community to remember both. For example:

The four gods

Loglan has four gods:


The history of Lojban is already becoming shrouded in myth. If Loglan is purjbo (old-Lojban, or dzejbo, elder Lojban in the gismu list), the Lojban that existed prior to the Great Rafsi Shift of 7/93 is already partly unintelligible (including the poembook ziryroi by Michael Helsem (the word meant zirpu rokci) - whose very title now means something different) & must be considered mijyjbo (Middle Lojban). Here are some tales from lapoi pelxu ku'o trajynobli that pertain to the Loglan-Lojban split:

There are also instances of mythos built up through metaphors bandied about on the Lojban Mailing List:

  • The Jimbob mythos was quite popular in the early 1990s.
  • So was the ckafyzda Mythos, which motivated the first concerted effort in original Lojban writing.

Flora and fauna of Lojbanistan

  • ti'ocpi
  • nalci since
  • le toldi poi jmive ti'u le cimni
  • morji xanto
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