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Few know this, but Lojban has an Anthem with lyrics originally written by la lojbab, adjusted by la nitcion, tune by la nitcion.

.i doi bangu co satci joi ji'a na'e satci

do'u dunda le ko selkai co sidbo velcusku

loi terdi selvo'a noi nitcu lo nintadji

be LO nu menbenji fo loi prenu co simxu

--- doi bangu doi lojbo

.i doi selpensi co cfipu be le so'imei poi djica

le ka jimpe do'u pagre ko le cfari fa lei tirna

.i .e'o ko klina selcusku gi'e jicla

fe LE norfarvi PE le nu seljimte loi malgerna

--- doi terbau doi lojbo

The setting is available as

A special surprise awaits you in the last one...

  • la tijlan, 2012-09-10[1]:
    • Yesterday somebody called my attention to the "Lojban Anthem" created by lojbab and nitcion [...] It has interesting key modulations, and I was curious to give it a new arrangement. With the nature of Lojban root word etymologies in mind, I went for the 'world' genre:


Lojbab wrote[2] the original lyrics saying "If I can write Lojban poetry, anyone can". Nick Nicholas suggested some rewordings, so that the two stanzas could be actually singable to the same tune. He also added a short chorus, because the tune went in different directions in his brain, and corrected some out of date place structures (as pointed out by la tsali: lojban Anthem English translation.)