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  • Stein, Karen - President
    • President (2016-Present), Vice President (2015-2016), Director (2015-Present), Member 1990-2001 and since 2015
  • LeChevalier, Robert - Vice President
    • Founder, Vice President (2016-Present), President (1988-2003, 2010-2016), Director (1988-Present)
  • Martinez-Lynch, Riley - Secretary/Treasurer
    • Secretary/Treasurer (2014-Present), Director (2014-Present), Member since 2014

Historical officers


Vice President


Honorary officers


At the 2003 Annual General Meeting, the membership created the honorary position of Founder, awarding it to:

The position of founder includes the authorization to sign official communications.

Archgrammarian / balgenpre

At the 2014 Annual Meeting, the honorary position of Archgrammarian / balgenpre was created and awarded to John Cowan. It includes the authorization to sign LLG official communications using that title.