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(As posted to lojban-list(external link), November 2, 2014)

This is short notice, which I will remedy as stated below. My apologies.

I intend to convene the 2014 annual meeting of LLG tomorrow November 3. The meeting will primarily take place on the Lojban-members mailing list, which may be found on Google Groups.

The meeting will be convened officially tomorrow (because that is the day I asked the Board to approve a few weeks ago), but I do not intend to start business for several days, to partially remedy for the short notice. Members will be asked to report their presence at the meeting.

Several people have expressed interest in becoming voting members of LLG. I encourage any Lojbanist who has read the Bylaws indicating qualifications and duties of voting members and wishes to serve, to participate.

You will need to be added to the Lojban-members mailing list ASAP, and to indicate your presence after the meeting is called to order. People are welcome to use their handles, but I ask that when indicating presence, especially for new people, that you provide your legal name, and country if non-US.

Ideally Robin Powell as current Secretary should be informed of mailing address and possibly a telephone number for everyone who is a member (for legal purposes), but that should probably be done off-list. (We are legally required to report name and address only for members of the Board of Directors, but having a way to contact you if you stop responding to emails would be helpful).


I have down with a particularly nasty case of influenza for most of the last week, and have other health problems that have interfered. I am expecting to have surgery on my shoulder on 18 November, which may affect my ability to conduct the meeting. Arrangements will be made to keep the meeting going if my health interferes too much.


I am not announcing an agenda at this time, because I haven't had the chance I intended to seek out topics, and the meeting has already been put off too long. The default agenda can be found in the Bylaws. The actual agenda will include, among other things:

1) a set of clarifications to the 2003 minutes which approved certain bylaw changes that were not well-reported in the minutes, as discussed by mukti and myself on Lojban List several weeks ago. I wish to handle this as corrections to the minutes rather than as new Bylaw changes, which have to be announced a couple of weeks before the meeting starts, but we cannot include anything that we don't believe was part of that original meeting.

2) Election of a new Board of Directors (after new members have been added).

3) discussions of the baseline policy, and of the status and prospects for the BPFK. I am hoping that the jatna, Robin Powell, will have a chance to report on the BPFK and the revision of CLL before we get to this point.

I INTEND TO INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE IRC SESSION ON THIS SUBJECT AREA AS PART OF THE MEETING, to allow for timely contributions and responses. Because of the enormous range of time zones, and known religious limitations for some members, I expect that such a session will be held on a Sunday, starting probably around 4PM UT. We can add additional sessions if they are proving useful, and vary times to include participants that can't participate at the initially chosen time.

I will call for other agenda topics during the meeting, but people not participating in the meeting itself can ask for topics to be discussed by posting to Lojban List. Please include 2014 meeting/nunpenmi in the subject so as to make sure I don't miss it.

Robert LeChevalier lojbab President, The Logical Language Group, Inc.