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.i le bangrtlingana no'u la klingon. runti bangu .i se finti la'ogy. Marc Okrand gy. noi bauskepre ku'o mu'i tu'a le ranmi pe la star.trek. .i datni ti'u zoigy. [1] gy.

ni'o la nitcion. .e la .mark. cu ge lojbo gi se bangrtlingana

.i ko ji'a tcidu la Lojban and Klingon e la lojban. .e le bangrtlingana

Ahem. Do the Klingons mention Lojban on their Wiki?

Inasmuch as they don't have a Wiki, the question is meaningless. Lojban is certainly mentioned on their mailinglist, by persons other than me and Mark, and not with universal derision. And you may be delighted to see [2] .

.i mi ji'a morji lesedu'u zo'e .e'a cusku loi lojbo steci pe bau le glico .e ro da pe bau la lojban. kei ne le mriste lidne bo notci .i gonai lenu skicu le bangrtlingana bau la lojban. na se curmi da (to ca'i ma? toi) ki'u leka na steci la lojban.; gi lenu skicu loi xaurselfunca gugde ralo pu'e sevzi pajni .e la Michael Everson aikl.Everson .e lei [[jbocre: G�del Numbers and Lojban amcu pe la gedel]] cu ji'a na se curmi da -- mi'e nitcion

.i ko jmive pe clani be temci .ije ko se prali

  • I'm having trouble parsing this, is it grammatically correct? --ColinWright
  • No, it isn't. pe has to link sumti with a term (more or less), not a selbri with a selbri. It's an attempt at "Live long and prosper," I presume, which might be ko ze'u jmive gi'e se prali (I don't much like se prali for "prosper" though). It's probably pretty poor as a command; likely better as .a'o do ze'u jmive... --mi'e mark
  • Ah. I use either ko ze'u jmive gi'e snada or ze'uku ko jmive gi'e snada, depending on how I'm feeling. Should we remove this exchange and edit the above to something better? --ColinWright

.kreig.daniyl. disagree with the transliteration of tlhIngan, but I will not detract from the discussion of the language I will give my reasons Transliterating 'tlhIngan' heir own page