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lo si'o mufyjijyjmi banzu

  • Nick writes, on the asymmetric goi page:
    This follows my ideology of Gricean Relevance as a cure to all of Lojban's ills. :-)
  • And Rosta:
    Gricean Relevance ensures that communication generally succeeds, whatever the language, except when the message is too subtle, or too precise, or too complex for Gricean processes to succeed, or when interlocutors are not sufficiently on the same wavelength. For me, part of the appeal of Lojban (or an idealized version thereof) is that it compensates in these situations where Gricean processes fail.
  • See the Jargon File's definition of Mumble for another take on the same idea.
  • nitcion:
    Fairly close to the Lojban Central party line actually: you can be as precise and unambiguous as you want to in Lojban, but you're not forced to in most things. The potential for disambiguation, rather than the enforcing of it, is the nice thing.