BPFK gismu Section: Complete vs. Incomplete Specifications

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Some gismu say that particular sumti places should be a "complete specification", some say partial or have the key word "including", and most say nothing at all.

Without getting into details at this time, I (rlpowell) propose that:

1. Incomplete specification be explicitely declared at the front of the dictionary as the default.

2. All complete specification places that can reasonably have that specifier removed from them have it so removed.

The reason is that the entire concept of "complete specification" ranges from silly to meaningless. In the vast majority of cases, the user has no way to produce one besides hand-wavy tricks like "joi lo drata". In the few cases where a complete specification is possible, it would almost always destroy conversational fluidity to try to introduce it anyways. If you want po'o or ".e nai lo drata", you know where to find them.