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This is basically a free-form list of things the BPFK will eventually have to deal with, sooner or later. Feel free to add to it.

  • Grammar points to be decided upon
    • {ti citka be mi}
    • {lo nu brode ba brodo}
    • {fi do vecnu ti}
    • {jai frili fai ma}
    • {mi broda fa do}
  • Go through the gismu list and improve wordings as well as increase consistency between gismu where possible. Go through gismu errata list.
    • "at location" places in many gismu seem totally irrelevant to the relation. e.g. ckule, cange, malsi ... Should they be removed?
  • Decide how to fill "by standard" places
  • Formalize the tense system
  • Formalize fi'o and BAI. Currently they are all broken and terrible. Some BAI might need to be killed or heavily redefined to make sense / be useful. for fi'o there are two options... there are infinitely many predicates, so it's simply not possible to define interaction of fi'o with every predicate seperately. therefore i propose to use a single formula that works for all fi'o clauses. BAI can be considered special in that they are more precisely defined and don't need this general solution. (bau = fi'o se baupli). this means that the fi'o transformation of tags is but an approximation, not a full equivalence. co'e only word that is general enough
  • Type discussion. mono- vs polymorphism
  • Lojban definitions of every cmavo
  • Consider experimental gismu to be made official (e.g. kanpe, kibro, etc)
  • Consider proposed cmavo and see if they warrant an official form
  • CAhA as sumtcita
  • subjunctivity formalization
  • position ne inner rel is outer with LE, but inner (part of name) with LA. is this desirable? (what if LE-LA merge goes through, still desirable?)
  • scope of NA
  • na'e ko'a
  • make the PEG the official grammar.
  • add uy and iy as BY
  • add a new FAhA that means "along a path". I suggest {pu'a} from {pluta} (ditch the {pluka} BAI). {mi cadzu pu'a lo rirxe}. {pu'a} has almost no usage (8 times and only on IRC)
  • discuss the jvojva
  • Have a discussion about the status of dialects.

Review change proposals